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Supplemental Articles

There were several topics that wouldn't fit in the book (it was already big enough!), but they were worth covering in-depth. They are available here as articles in PDF format.

Getting Your Pages on the Web
This article covers how to get your own domain name as well as tips for finding a server to host your website. It provides additional information to topics covered in Chapter 2.
LWD5_Hosting.pdf (PDF)
Border Images
You can use an image to create fancy borders around elements. This article, referenced in the borders discussion in Chapter 14, tells you how.
LWD5_BorderImages.pdf (PDF)
Page Layout with Floats and Positioning
These days, the proper way to create columned page layouts is to use CSS Flexbox and Grid. However, these techniques are not supported in Internet Explorer 8. If your browser use statistics or client demand that you support IE8, you can use floats and positioning to create columned layouts as outlined in this article. If you don't need to support IE8, you can skip it. These are antiquated techniques only useful only as fallbacks.
LWD5_FloatLayout.pdf (PDF)
Multicolumn Layouts
In addition to Flexbox and Grid Layout (covered in Chapter 16), you can format text content into columns using the CSS Multi-Column module. The layout chapter was already big enough, so this lesser-used technique is described in this supplemental article.
LWD_Multicolumn.pdf (PDF)

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