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Instructor Support

Learning Web Design has been a leading textbook for entry-level web design and production courses since its first edition in 2001. The “classroom-in-a-book” structure of the text, complete with quizzes and exercises, provides a ready-made course foundation. For the first time, an Instructor’s Guide and slide decks for all chapters are available for web design teachers at universities, high schools, boot camps, and wherever you may be using Learning Web Design as your textbook.

For download information, please send an email that includes the institution where you teach and your course to .

Resources include:

Instructor’s Guide
This booklet introduces the structure and strategy for using Learning Web Design in the classroom. It contains a general overview, a suggested course path, a list of new content in the fifth edition, equipment and software requirements, and how to use the book as a reference. For every chapter there is a summary, learning goals, key terms, and a list of exercises from the book.
Slide decks
Every chapter has a slide deck that provides an at-a-glance view of the content for use during class discussions. Slide decks are available in Keynote, Powerpoint, and PDF formats.
Open to ideas
Please let Jennifer know if you have ideas for resources that would be helpful to you as an instructor.